October 10, 2009


Before the masses accuse me of "hiding", let the record show that not only did I prop your team up for winning, but I documented the whole thing via Twitter. If you're not educated enough to read...well, that's your problem. I've got a few things going on this weekend, and even in victory..usually take my time breaking down my trip. Anyhow, figured I'd better break the game down before people lose their minds. Ready?

First and foremo
st, props to Nebraska for the win. Zac Lee made a great throw to Niles Paul in the clutch (either great or lucky..considering when it left his hand it looked like it was going to be 30 yards over his head). The wind really caught it and seemingly placed it where it needed to be. Lucky or skill or otherwise, that was a tough throw, and he should be commended. Also, props to Screech, who is one hell of a punter. I bash on the kid for not kissing a girl etc...but he is a very very good kicker. I think he'll have a long career performing at the level he is currently at. Major props also to Suh for not only a key interception/swat but for not spitting on anyone..although with the amount of rain, it was extremely tough to tell I'm sure.

Anyhow, aside from that...if you're a Husker fan waiting for my "crow sandwich" you'll be dissapointed to get absolutely nothing more from me. I'm not sure if you followed the Twitter updates, but that game was not played in rain. No, regular rain causes things to be slick...rain makes things uncomfortable. That game Thursday was played under not just buckets...but 55 gallon drums of water falling from the sky in ungodly amounts for hours upon hours. Never in my 35+ years ...not on vacation...not in the jungles of Mexico...ANYWHERE have I seen rain fall THAT hard for THAT long. To top it off, the power outage killed any semblance of energy from that stadium. No pre-game intro. No "First down...MIZ....". Nothing.

Yes, both teams play in the rain and both teams have to adjust. But do you think Roy Helu runs for more than 2 yards a carry (up until the last minute of the game) on just a regular wet field?
Think a guy 6th in the nation in passing efficiency throws for a few more yards when he's not standing under a fire hose for 3.5 hours? Don't misunderstand...the rain is not the excuse...the excuse is that this rain was a game changer.

Before the game in our section of the stands..while exchanging insults with a portly fella from Grand Island, (and while his buddy who was smoking pot and taking swigs of an Everclear bottle)...we all agreed on one simple thing: It is an absolute shame that a game of that importance is to be decided in those conditions. Rather than breakdown passing and running stats...save your strength and flip a coin to see who has the better defense? Even as Mizzou held a 12-0 lead going into the 4th, I dreaded the fact that even if they were to hang on and win for the 5th time in 7 tries, I'd have to listen to the (correct) assertion that this game was not a true determination of who is the better team..if even for one night. That's not sour grapes...that's not a cop out. That is a fact. It is a shame it was decided that way on such a
grand stage.

So when people leave me comments saying, "What do you have to say for your high powered offense now?" I reply by saying you're a complete idiot and God himself could not catch 10 passes thrown directly in the gut in the middle of all that. I will not throw up my arms in despair, just as a Husker fan should not be the least bit swayed about anything else either. I was there. I was in the middle of that for 16 solid hours. Trust me on this. I know what I'm talking about.

Those were once-in-a-lifetime conditions, deciding a game that was completely and totally up for grabs. Nebraska did everything they could to give themselves chances to win...despite the fact that every single intangible worked in their own favor in terms of environment and the fact that no team on earth is more ill prepared for a windless Hurricane than Missouri. Kudos to them. They deserve to celebrate as much as they so desire.

But to answer the questions...no, the Husker hating movement will not suddenly rise from the ashes in wake of an incredible victory fueled by one of the greatest teams in the Nation. This was not some amazing comeback of wills as I've heard it described, nor was it some sort of outstanding display of heart. It was two groups of kids, trying to play a game in weather that was beyond anything you can wrap your corn-mashed liquor soaked brains around. I don't expect Husker fans to crow any softer...especially after beating their "non rival"...but at the same time, I certainly wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in anything you saw either.

Speaking of which...do Husker fans celebrate like that when they beat teams that AREN'T their rival? Granted, I'm glad they hate Mizzou fans, and I like to say I had a part to do with that...but I've NEVER seen Nebraska fans act like that, beating* a team they don't consider themselves at war with. Funny...you sure could have fooled me.

So anyway...props to them regardless. They scored more points. They held onto the ball. They threw their arms up in the air and came up with the ball stuck to their gut better than the other team. For that...congratulations. I hope revenge served wet and cold was everything you ever dreamed.

But if you think I'm going to bow to your good fortune..if you think I'm going to bestow upon you the precious Order you've so valliantly restored, you are indeed dumber than I thought. I will do no such thing. I will do nothing more than acknowledge the win and declare that for one night...when God put everything in play for them...the Huskers took advantage of what they were given.

Luckily, a group of somebodies told me last season that head-to-head games mean absolutely nothing as long as you believe you're a better team later on in the year. I really appreciate that too. I'd almost be a little bit down in the dumps if that wasn't the case.

More on this Monday or Tuesday.

PS - And by the way. If you host an afternoon radio sports talk show in Omaha, and you spent the better part of 3 years ignoring me because I'm "Just a blogger"...and now in the past 3 days chronicle my every single word and move on air and off...you are a lying hypocritical jackass with zero spine and zero journalistic integrity. If you're going to act above the fray...then act above the fray. Don't dive into the pool as soon as the conditions are right for you. That's pretty weak, even for a couple of clowns who make their living agreeing off the idiotic ramblings of others.

If you cared that much..you would have gone toe to toe with me years ago when you had the chance.

Photo Credit - KC Star


  1. Hasn't been 3 years... Missouri owned scoreboard from Oct 4, 2007 to October 7, 2009. That is 2 years.

    Quit crying. If football was meant to be played in optimal conditions, build a fucking dome. Face the facts, Missouri's high-powered offense was marginalized by NU's defense 1st and the weather 2nd. It was the weather that stopped Gabbert from having 5 picks, not 2. Call Suh a spitter all you want, but he was a man playing against children on Thursday night. Triple teams couldn't stop that dude.

    BTW, you can take your bronx cheer congratulations and shove them straight up your ass. NU showed heart while Pinkel choked on his timeouts and Missouri players cried on the sidelines. Of course the hicks are going to come out of the woodwork. We've endured 2 years of hearing you declare 'your job is done'. Well, now it's time for you to sit here and take it. If this blog survives until next season (highly unlikely), quit calling people out for coming out only when times are good. You're the one with the inane fan-base hating blog. You invite this. Enjoy the next 359 days. We'll sure will.

  2. Missouri Husker FanOctober 10, 2009 at 4:57 PM

    "When God put everything in play for them, the Huskers took advantage of what they were given."

    Don't kid yourself, AJ. Mizzou, God (who I suspect cares nothing about the final score of the game), or the weather gave Nebraska nothing. Nebraska took it from Mizzou, who had the exact same opportunity to win this game as NU. And for the record, I do consider Missouri a rival. And this one felt very good. VERY, very good. Especially now that I live in Missouri, and I don't have to listen to idiots crowing all year about how much better they are because I have bragging rights all year. ....HEY, sound familiar? You see, it's no different. The same shit goes on down here in Missouri that you complain about up there in Nebraska. Don't kid yourself. After all, that's what this blog is all about right? You've had bragging rights for a few years and now the shoe's on the other foot....so you had to change your tune just a little. Still....very generous of you to throw us a small bone. In the meantime, GO BIG RED!

    PS...you guys won't crumble will ya?


  3. I didn't dry out until mid afternoon today. I also got to watch some of the "worlds classiest fans" in action before the game. I don't ever want to hear about our fan base again. These people need a bigger gene pool. They're raising ill mannered animals.

  4. My blog "survives?"

    Don't give yourself so much credit. I'm barely hanging on even before all this.

    Truth is..you needed a monsoon to win..and you barely did that had it not been for a gimpy QB and 2 picks.

    Piss off and thanks for reading.


  5. needed a monsoon to win? it could be said Mizzou needed a monsoon not to get blown out. Both teams played in it. PATHETIC excuse so hypocritical it is laughable.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA............. I have never seen a more miserable person than yourself. Even 95 percent of the rednecks on togerboard can admit that the better team won Thursday night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you cannot. It shows shows how poor of a loser you are. It is ok AJ, someday sometime MiZZou will sniff a national championship. Someday....Until then I will continue to laugh at you're pure ignorance. It is truly amazing that a grown adult such as you can have the mentality of a 13 year old boy who never can admit that they lost. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......Congratulatons on being the king dipshit in the cesspool you call "Tigerboard". I look forward to you're may excuses this season.
    P.S. Thanks for Chase Rome.....We can always use more DTackles. Way to keep him in state.

  7. Weatherspoon says QB fabricated spitting incident.

    "Maybe Chase could've just been saying that to rev us up," Weatherspoon said. "He could've just said that to get us going. I honestly think that's what happened, because I can't imagine (a player) doing that … I don't believe that. I really don't."

    Weatherspoon said his experience in Lincoln last year was positive. Fans were courteous.

    but keep bringing it up, that's fine.

  8. Welcome to the club AJ. Cornhole fans have been claiming CU isn't anything special to them, and yet come game week, they come out of the woodwork and really become (more???) obnoxious than usual if they win.

    Just come to accept the fact that it comes with the fact that you/Mizzou are not a rival, "just another team."

  9. Are we really playing the weather card? Your only TD was set up by the freaking weather. Whose to say a clear evening doesn't make the score even worse? NEB did everything wrong the first 3 quarters and still won by two scores. Anyone who has watched Gabbert this season knew he was prime for a multi interception day. He consistently throws into coverage and relies on superior athletes to come down with the ball. That's fine against Bowling Green and Furman. Good luck the rest of the season.

  10. "Pathetic" excuse eh? So NONE of you clowns have used the exact same excuse in 2003? None of you went with the "If Nunn doesn't fumble in 2005, it's a different game?"

    More hypocritical bullshit from the kings of hypocritical bullshit.

    Even more amusing to me is the fact that some of you "love love love" that I give you no credit. This just in...WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? I mean, I consider myself smart enough to know that if I log or link into a site of a guy who goes by "Husker hater"...then he's probably not going to give my team much of the benefit of the doubt.

    But truth be told..you get no benefit of the doubt. Perhaps if even ONE of you idiots accepted a REAL asskicking last October in Lincoln..perhaps you'd get an ounce of credit here.

    But instead..you get none.

    You won the game.
    You get to act all tough and badass again.
    It was done in extreme conditions.

    I'm not saying Mizzou is better...I'm not saying Nebraska is better. I'm saying there's no possible way to know, becaues the conditions were so shitty. I'm sure from the comfort of Clancy's you were really able to make such a realization yourself.

    Please keep it up though. Pissing you off in victory isn't 1/2 as fun as pissing you off when you demand credit. (I've said this for years.)

  11. PS - Mizzou's TD was not set up by weather you fucking idiot..it was set up by a Carl Gettys punt return.

    At least get your facts straight before you cry like a girl...in victory no less.

  12. So the 38 yard pass from Gabbert to Perry had nothing to do with the TD? I would say that would be considered "setting up." It was a lame duck that was completed because the NU DB slipped on the wet surface. Also, not sure how my last comment would warrant you dropping the F-Bomb, but hey, its your blog. Again, good luck the rest of the year.

  13. Misery is NOT our rival. Tiger fans are just a bunch of trash-taking douchebags that get under my skin They talk the talk, BUT CAN'T WALK THE WALK. You got nothing to show for your heralded Big XII North Championships. Big XII North doesn't mean squat.

    Tiger fans talk too much! They dish it out and dish it out. The reason this game is important and it's a big win is, because it gets us closer to our goals . . . those goals are higher than the Big XII North. The other reason this was a sweet fucking win is that it shuts you sheep raping fucks up for a year. THAT ALONE could be enough.

    The best part is that you will ALWAYS be a second tier team, because you measure success based on how well you can tear down other teams rather than showing love for your own team. You measure success by MAKING IT to the Big XII championship. You set the bar too low.

    We're not happy until we are regularly contending for the big prize. Missouri was just the first step through the shit on our way toward our objective.

    AJ, men don't make excuses. Men play to win football games . . .

    " . . .If we should win Let it be by the code With faith and honor held high If we should lose Let us stand by the road ...And cheer as the winners go by . . . "

    Ah, what the hell, I don't play for them . . . FUCK OFF you sore-losing, envious, obsessed piece of shit.

  14. Mizzou's lone TD was set up by the weather. NU's CB fell down because of the wet turf on the long (relatively) completion to Perry. I'd link to the article, but it won't paste here, you must have an anti-realism filter installed. The title is Slick Field Hindered Amukarama per OHW.

    Oh and Scoreboard.
    You may want to say that head-head doesn't matter because 2 husker fans said that last year, but you didn't buy it last year and I know you don't believe it now. You shouldn't change your bizzaro logic midseason.

  15. Again hypocritical nonsense. The very same things you accuse all Husker fans of you do yourself. I'm pretty sure most of the pro husker sites admitted to last years curb stomping in Lincoln. The lone touchdown by your team was aided by the weather even if you won't admit it. Have a nice day. Hope the Tigers beat the Jayhawks. GBR

  16. Your TD was set up by Prince falling down on your slick field, allowing Gabbert to complete a pass that I could have thrown.

    Your team...damn liars in order to make Neb look bad. Its been 24 hours since you wrote about the Suh non-spitting Booger is a D-bag liar incident...isnt it time to bring that up again. Nebraska doesn't spit on people, we punch them (as I am sure you will respond), thats the Nebraska way.

  17. The fact I made that guy cry is pretty funny. (TWO people said NU would win a rematch last year? Really?)

    A response dripping in anger and tantrum is only penned when the author knows there is truth behind my words.

    You're pissed because you know I'm right.

  18. "The fact I made that guy cry is pretty funny."

    Are we talking about Alexander as he wept on the sideline like a girl on National television, or someone else?

    Oh yeah, 27-12... in Columbia... ouch

  19. Oh, here is the link:

  20. People...Quit egging this cuntsack on. He jacks off every time somebody writes 1000 words telling him to fuck off. Simply reply: SCOREBOARD and he will disappear.

  21. I was first directed here by a link from "Every Day Should Be Saturday" a while ago. Initially, I found it funny, because as a Cal fan, I have quite a lot of hatred in Stanford.

    Lately, however, I've realized how pathetic you really are (if not a little endearing). You've recently betrayed yourself as a Missouri fan (perhaps earlier, I'm not a faithful reader) whose hatred is directed toward Nebraska. I must admit, I don't follow the lesser half of the Big 12, but at least I had heard of Nebraska because they have achieved success on the national stage.

    I pity you (and that is why you remain endearing). Your hatred for one team (whether rival or not is hard to tell) clearly exceeds your love for your own team, unless you have some unknown blog devoted to them as well.

    But the WEATHER?! I've heard whining about illness, injury, poor officiating, lousy coaching...You take the cake.

    What's most pathetic about you, however, is that it probably doesn't get any better for you than the reference you received from a more widely-read site such as EDSBS. Your apparent disdain for the local talk show media betrays your affinity for those moments as well.

    I couldn't get over how much this clip reminds me of your blog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqmMPwQqmAc&feature=channel

    Sure, fans who call in to radio shows are pathetic, sure Nebraska fan is overbearing, but you surpass them by giving them credibility on this blog, which for the past week has been dedicated to them (no matter how much you might deny that you don't live and breathe for it).

    Just the same, I hope you keep this going, because it's amusing to see how miserable life in Cow-town really is (this is where you pretend that Cow-town, MO is slightly better than Cow-town, NE...trust me, from here, it's all the same, Waffle House franchises and all). I'm going to be introducing my friends to this site.

    I don't blame you for not publishing this comment; no one likes to be reminded of their resemblance (intellectual, physical, or otherwise) to Patton Oswalt...

  22. So winning a rematch is equal to throwing out the head-head results? More bizzaro logic.

    Your team has to improve through the year, while NU has to get worse. Last season says NU will keep getting better, while MU will peak and fall again, or will start off 0-3 in B12 play and become irrelevant this season.

  23. Couple of things:

    1) I believe some random Stanford fan was here as much as I believe some of you have wives.

    2) JP, you get zero credit. None. You are a pussy and a quitter who left his team when things were bad...only to reappear when you FINALLY..after like 2.5 years had some semblance of scoreboard. You get zero props from me, not that you ever really did.

    3) I will never ever go to a Husker Message board. I don't have to find you clowns..you find me. It's been like this forever.

    4) "Simply reply scoreboard and he'll disappear?" I Disappeared in the first place because you idiots got boring. This entire persona was created when Nebraska was actually good. In fact...I don't think...strike that...I KNOW you people couldn't handle it if I went at this as hard as I used to back in the day.

    This isn't even a hobby. It's one of those things I just kinda of remember to do every few days because somebody reminds me of it.

    You still don't deserve your own dedicated blog, because you have yet to accomplish anything. None of you have changed. In fact, you spit out the same hypocritical shit year after year.

    It's not going to work. You still bore me and the way I was going to "go away" was when you lost at home by 5 TD's. I'm the idiot because I once wrote a blog about you and now I don't really care. Wow...got me.

    You'll never get me to care that much again.

    Sorry. I can swat you away with one keyboard tied behind my back, and that was when your teams were way way better than the sham you root for now.

  24. Time to close up shop AJ... Cal Bear just fan ended you.

  25. Oh and one more thing....trying to find new ways to drop 4 letter words and make yourself sound tough never worked before, and it doesn't really work now.

    I touch nerves with you clowns because I don't have to resort to alluding to masturbation and gaybashing every other paragraph. There's a reason everybody knows who I am....radio personalities spend 20 minutes bashing me, and yet nobody knows who you are.

    Just something to think about.

  26. AJ, on a totally unrelated note, at least to the game you and those who posted those very polite comments (I liked the Cal fan's post), do you happen to know the circumstances explaining the photo at the top of your blog of the Miami Hurricane craddling the ball while lying on top of it, during the VT game, and those in the backround laughing?


  28. AJ

    I did not come here to bask in my team's victory over yours, I think you know me better than that. I came here to wonder where the fuck Corn Ridden Shit guy is and to lay out my prognostication of your Weekly Power Poll for the North.

    1. KU: Even though it chaps your ass.
    2. MU: They won 3 of 4 quarters against NU and, since they play Illinois, have the obvious better schedule.
    3. CU: Your obsession with them is mind bottling. Did you see them hang with UT? Hawk Love is on the way.
    4. KSU: They beat ISU
    5. ISU: They should have beaten KU
    6. NU: They have played no one.

    One other thing. You don't happen to be Asian, do you? The only reason I ask is that there is this Asian guy at my gym who rocks a big Mizzou tatoo, shirts, etc. For some reason, I thought AJ might stand for Asian Journalist or Asian Jackoff or whatever. I give the guy credit though. He was there Monday morning with no sleeves rocking the tat.

  29. AJ,

    You have zero credibility. You said Suh has an ability to jump up and put the ball in his fat gut, but other than that he is overrated (I'm paraphrasing). Mel Kiper has him at #3 in the draft. Over 20 NFL scouts were there to watch him. Many places are mentioning him for heisman. At least acknowledge superior skills when you see it. Just because he has an N on his helmet doesn't automatically mean he has no talent. Open your eyes man.

  30. There's no fucking way a true Cal fan just so "happened" to stumble across this blog.

    I call bullshit.

    PS - The picture is just funny because it demonstrates everything I like about the tribal portion of college football. Even the paramedics are laughing at him.

    PPS - I've stated many times Suh is a good player...Christ people..calm down. He changes games and has a bright future in the NFL. But this Heisman shit has got to stop.

  31. Oh, and that picture (and the format here in general) will change as soon as I can get my web design stuff straightened out.

    Like I said...I don't move fast because I don't care that much.

  32. Ha!Ha!Ha! That is good stuff. I wouldn't expect anything else from Missouri Trailer Trash. Ha!Ha!Ha!

    The only thing I am upset about is the minutes I lost from life, I'll never get back, reading this garbage.

  33. Nobody gives a rat's ass about some moronic Corn site. Quit spamming, Damien.