October 7, 2009

What, you expected some long speech?


I'm not going to do it.

I'm not going to throw out some 5000 word diatribe on the evils of Nebraska..taking the fight to them or anything else of that nature. When I said the pungent Husker aura was nuked on October 6th 2007, this is exactly what I meant. Sure, I want my favorite team to win...but even before kickoff, the world's most self-congratulating fan base has long since been revealed as a fraud. (No, Mizzou's not your rival...of course not.)

Although I have a pretty good idea, No one knows how the game will turn out. Perhaps Nebraska could catch some breaks and even win? (Better get some turnovers) Perhaps Zac Lee really isn't the second coming of Jamal Lord? But beyond that, my job is already long since done. Husker fans have spent the better part of an entire off-season and then some, railing on Missouri fans...describing to anyone who will put up with their whining about the evils of those who simply "don't deserve it".


I don't get worked up that much anymore, because they're just another team, followed by just another bunch of fans. Until they restore their precious order, they will get what they deserve from me...which is pretty much nothing. For you see...I've been there and done that. Perhaps things will change? Perhaps things will stay the same? Perhaps the Husker Hating movement will rise from the ashes? Perhaps the Keebler Elves will fly out of my ass and start singing showtunes?

Doesn't matter. They are exactly who I knew they were..and after a fight long since won, so do you.

Snorkel on. Game on.

PS - DON'T FORGET to follow our adventures into the storm (literally) via my twitter alter ego at www.twitter.com/huskerh8er. The fun starts at around 1am Central time Thursday morning.


  1. Downright depressing AJ... I was so happy to see you had a blog again but if it doesn't bring the hate then why call it the diary of a hater? Regardless of the target, although I really enjoy reading your thoughts on a team that need not be mentioned, I do not think you should disappoint your many followers with an excuse for cooling your hate. I can't say I blame you and it is your blog so do as you please but... for the kids' sake bring on the hate.

    P.S. Glad you have put your sensational writing skills back to good use.

  2. bleedBlack&GoldOctober 7, 2009 at 5:34 PM

    Swim safely.

  3. bla bla bla bla bla

    AJ you have insecurity written all over the place!

    You can do much better then this entry.

  4. This is like the 10th time in the past year you've wrote an entire article that describes how Nebraska is not worth writing about anymore.


  5. Maybe you should call it Diary of a Washed Up Hater. Two average seasons Killed the Hate?

  6. Good game AJ, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


  7. The washed up comment was pretty good..and rather appropriate. I would be upset, but a certain group of people told me last year that head-to-head doesn't count..and that it only counts how good you are in November. So thanks for that lesson.

    Would have been nice to see how the teams actually matched up, instead of how they matched up in a plastic swamp. Excuses not withstanding, that was the most miserable and ridiculous conditions I've ever witnessed at any sporting event...played or watched. Absolutely miserable.

    Props though. Some of you waited 3 years for it...so fire away.

    PS - I've got some things to do tonight, so probably won't do another full reply til tomorrow. Hang tight.

  8. don't forget to post the picture of the crying Missouri player.. or better yet, design a website around that theme


  9. Anyone want to make a list of things that AJ has to do tonight?

    1) Return the Gabbert for Heisman shirt.

    2) Rewatch entire game to find every place the refs screwed Missouri.

    3) Rework B12 North standings to have NU last. I'm thinking it'll go like this-
    (Come on Husker fans it's only because you played in the rain that you won the game. You didn't beat MU. Lee is horrible, KU is still undefeated, and better than you, ISU showed some promise, KSU found a QB, and CU will be dangerous with nothing to lose by the end of the year, plus you should have lost to them last year.) Sound about right?

  10. Guess your work isn't done yet. "Waited three years" do you really think Missouri is the first team on the Huskers mind? BTW, Gabbert wasn't in the endzone on that score so add that to your growing list of excuses. Even when down 12-0 Neb's D was completely dominating. Bad Snaps, bad fielding handed the "HIGH POWERED" tigers the points... well 5 of them since that TD was bogus. I bet that Frosh snapper was so nervous b/c he remembered all those years you beat Neb... both of them.

  11. JP, you could not be a bigger pussy. You completely go MIA for two years...you win one game in a monsoon in the 4th quarter and now you're back?

    Seriously dude...you have more game than that. That's fucking brutal.

  12. Spot on. The only time the ethanol addled clods need to be running their traps is after they beat the effing hillbillies since that's their only "rival", right?

    And what's with this "we have endured 2 years of blabla.."? Is someone threatening to burn down this gomer's trailerhome and VHS tape of the '96 season highlights if he doesn't visit this site? Poor Nublettes, have to endure so much.

  13. LMAO. Seriously! We're waiting. Aren't you going to design a pathetic blogspot.com website with the crying Missouri player as the central theme? Learn some design skills you pathetic hack. Still using a blog site after all these years? What, no time to learn Dreamweaver?
    I'm still MIA you d-bag! I just find it incredibly ironic that you got such a boner from that image of a crying Husker kid and now your own players are blabbering in the rain.
    Priceless! Truly priceless!