September 4, 2009

Week 1 Power Poll

My God…there is already a Big 12 game in the books and I forgot the Power Poll.

Show’s where my mind is these days:


1) Kansas 0-0 vs. Northern Colorado
Nice to see Mark Mangino learned from playing one decent team on the road in 2008. Instead, the Redleggers eat their cupcake as an appetizer against a team that used to get beat by Nebraska-Omaha on a regular basis. The Big Sky will never be confused with the SEC, so what’s really the point? Another reason the schedules should move back to 11 games.

2) Missouri 0-0 vs. Illinois in St. Louis
Lot of people asking me why I’m “abandoning ship” on Mizzou right out of the gate. I’m not “abandoning” anything Illinois is a pretty salty team, who has the ability to hang with anybody. (And lose to anybody). For some reason, they’re head cases against Mizzou over the years, and will definitely be looking to this game as the year they finally get over. Mizzou will go as far as Blaine Gabbert takes them…which is a complete mystery to me. Either way….in terms of overall firepower and the fact that Gabbert is playing his first game in 2 years in his hometown…I think Illinois has the edge.

3) Colorado 0-0 vs. Colorado State
Correct me if I’m wrong, but Colorado has been getting a nice little bit of pub here or there. Granted, not from the delusional yay-hoos who usually have it out for the Buffs…but in general, the media is starting to lean toward Colorado’s favor. I certainly don’t think Hawk’s “10 win” comment is legit, but the more I look at CU, the more I like em. The rams finished the year last season with 3 straight wins and return quite a few starters. In the end, I think CU’s running game proves too much.

4) Nebraska 0-0 vs. Florida Atlantic
I’ve already broken this down and no, I’m not going to do it again. Nebraska’s quest for the 2009 Sun Belt title starts off with a bang. Who is going to be the breakout star for Nebraska early in the season? Nobody. They suck…I already told you this.

5) Kansas State 0-0 vs. UMass (yes, UMass)
Good to see Bill Snyder is back in charge, playing in an opening game that matches his legacy. UMass lost their coach to Maryland and may have their focus squarely on next week’s big tangle with mighty Albany. The REALLY sad thing is…I think KSU might even struggle a bit out of the gate. The Carson Coffman era begins with huge shoes to fill. (OK, not really…but still tough to break in a new matter who you are)

6) Iowa State 1-0 beat ND State Thursday

HUGE win for Iowa State last night. Come to think of it…if the game’s not on TV…WHY is Iowa State playing on a Thursday night? At this rate, I’ll bet the Clones would play at 3am on a Tuesday as long as they won…but regardless, beating South Dakota State by 17 at home isn’t exactly a great sign that you’re going to be playing Texas in Dallas come December. Either way..good for them.


1) Oklahoma 0-0 vs. BYU in Dallas
I’ve told you this for a while…BYU should give OU fits in Dallas. Granted, the Sooners are still loaded, and yeah, even though they lost an all-world Tight End, they still have more weapons than pretty much anybody. But in the end BYU is no slouch, and is out to prove a point. Mountain West teams have proven pretty dangerous over the years. If I had a HUGE upset to pick this week, it would be BYU….but not sure I’d bet the house on it…OU is that tough. Should be a fun game to watch, if anything to see what kind of crap Bob Stoops comes up with. (My money is on something from the Book of Mormon that he feels is derogatory to his players)

2) Texas 0-0 vs. ULM
Didn’t Texas used to play pretty tough competition week in and week out? I mean, when I think of horrible non-conference schedules, KU and K-State naturally come to mind over the years…but Texas is slowly slipping into that category. Naturally though, all UT has to do is beat OU and OSU and they can waltz into the BCS, but it will be interesting to see how McCoy handles the pressures of even more expectations. Oh the game this week? Yeah, they’re going to freaking destroy these guys.

3) Oklahoma State 0-0 vs. Georgia
I’m not a believer in Georgia. I don’t care what their record on the road is…I don’t care if they have two linemen playing now who were hurt last season…I’ve never been a big believer in mid-level SEC teams. (And last night’s God Awful 7-3 snooze-fest between S. Carolina and NC State didn’t help things.) Personally, although Georgia has experience and good talent, they simply do not face weapons across the board like they’ll see Saturday. OK, fine…Tebow…Florida whatever. But in the end, I really don’t even see this as being close. The Okie State bandwagon should be rolling out of control if that plays out.

4) Texas Tech 0-0 vs. North Dakota
Two teams with two of the most beautiful campuses in America square off in a coma-inducing snooze-fest that is sure to thrill only the most dead of the die hards. I do think it’s funny that people downplay Mizzou reloading while losing talent…yet Texas Tech loses a ton, and people just assume the system is in place. Whatever. Tech can use this scrimmage and next week’s pillow fight against Rice to gear up for a trip to Austin, where they will be sodomized and abused in new and exciting ways.

5) Baylor 0-0 at Wake Forest
Kinda sucks only like 15 people in the whole country get to watch this game. Wake Forest has ZERO home field advantage (based on their brutal turnout and effort against Nebraska a few years ago.) Robert Griffin is indeed nasty, and should give a mediocre ACC team fits. However, I’m not sure he has the supporting cast just yet to pull one out away from Waco. If they do, look out…the hype will grow and the Baylor bandwagon will be out of the chute quickly.

6) Texas A&M 0-0 vs. New Mexico
We’ve talked about A&M a bit here this off-season. Thanks to the multitude of A&M hate mail, I am willing to wait it out and see if Mike Sherman is as big of a moron as I think he is. The Ags have shuffled around some talent at skill positions, but still have ZERO excuse even toying with a team like New Mexico. If they struggle, look out because a decent Utah State teams comes calling next week who is probably just as good.

And then God said...let there be football.

Congrats on surviving the off season and enjoy the games.

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