September 5, 2009

Instant Analysis

Real quick, shooting from the hip:

- Great win by Mizzou. Very impressive not just on offense..I knew they had weapons there (nobody else did apparently, but the speed on defense was extremely impressive. Gabbert still makes mistakes under pressure, but dude obviously has the build and arm of an NFL player. Very bright future for him. Illinois is terrible..or at the very least, very easy to quit when things go bad.

- Oklahoma...Hmmmm...where are the haters calling me an idiot now? Didn't somebody who runs a website that looks like this call that upset? Anyone recall that? Anyone?

- Oklahoma State, very impressive as well. Looked like they were way too hyped up, but settled down in the end. Georgia is part of an overrated and overhyped SEC middle-ground that is good..but not great. Either way, great win by OSU.

- Texas, congrats on your South division title. As soon as Bradford went down, it was pretty much over.

- HUGE HUGE props to Baylor. Wake Forest sucks, but Baylor beating a BCS school on the road is big news, no matter when it happens.

- Kansas, beat a non NAIA team and I'll comment more.

- Nebraska: It was nice to completley and totally ignore a Husker game for the first time in a long time. Don't care how they won, or even if they won. I know what they are, and I know what is going to happen to them. Props to them for not pissing their game away I guess.

- KSU....hang in there guys, it's gonna be rough.


  1. Props to AJ.

    Sooner Fan


    Great to see you back this season..All is well in CFB. OU gets beat by a mediocre 3rd place Mountain West team and your mighty Buffs get their A$$es handed to them at Folsom Prison by CSU..Also the Huskers dominate one of the top teams in Florida..WOOHOOO

  3. Eh? Not so sure that FAU is a Top team in Florida....

    But yeah, tough break Buffs. We're licking our chops now.