September 23, 2009

Prelude to a Hate Week - Riding the Storm Out

For kicks, I spent my lunch hour going back and reading some of my favorite rants and responses from the old blog and the 2007 season. Holy hell, that was a good time. Anyhow, that age has come and gone, and what remains is the same territorial chest pounding that has gone on since the mid 1800’s in these parts. I almost forgot what it was like to write with passion…with a purpose…with anger. I kind of feel like a band that had those really good albums early on, but then developed and morphed into something else...something more personal, but less popular. Sure, I’m still the same guy with the same music…but things just don’t impact me the same way as they once did. The music can still just sounds different than it used to.

That’s still not to say we can’t have a good time on this blog. Sure, I’m not pulling in 5,000 hits a day simply bashing on ONE team into oblivion, while mocking their every move….but hey, at least I can have a clean conscious mind while I write about what I want. Perhaps that furvor and hate will come back. (Trust me, it’s still in there somewhere.) Perhaps former powers WILL rise up again and rule the landscape. (riiiggghhhtt) But unfortunately, that great album will never be made again. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t try and match the intensity and anger. With hate week coming up in less than 5 days…I vow that I do whatever I can to bring back that spark…if only for a week and a half.

Starting next make be difficult and tiresome, but I feel I owe it to some of you to re-live the days gone by. Oh sure, REO Speedwagon and Loverboy still play county fairs in far off BFE locations…but deep down, the music is the same, those old songs still kick ass and the feelings can come back with just a few notes. We’ll see how it goes.

Hate week is always a special time for me, as I hope it is for some of you as well. During that time, we’ll celebrate the differences between us, and the fact that it is really really annoying. Sure, we’ll slip back into a mode we promised we’d never return to..and to some degree, it won’t be the same. But make no mistake…Hate is the great equalizer. Hate can keep you warm at night. Hate can carry you though dark periods. I look forward to heading down that road once again..if only for 12 days.

*Speaking of hate…you know what pisses me off? Why do people act SO shocked when “upsets” happen…when in reality, things are already pretty clear to see. Take Baylor for example this past Saturday. I heard all sorts of “experts” this week express their "shock" and surprise over UConn’s relatively easy thumping over Baylor on Saturday. But why? UConn is battle tested, and has certainly played in snake pits more dangerous than Waco. And in the clutch, just how many times has Robert Griffin led a comeback and made plays when he had to? I mean, I can see PICKING Baylor to win and missing…but acting “Shocked?”

This goes back to a point I made last year about how ESPN and the over-abundance of information is KILLING College football. Just as it’s cool to click a button 3 times to get the boxscore of the 1956 Cotton Bowl…it’s equally maddening listening to some no-talent ass hack babble on..and being considered a “source”, just because a microphone or camera is stuck in their face.

Look, people are ALWAYS going to have their biases…and people from different regions of the country are going to focus on their particular local areas first. Do I expect Mark May to be completely up to date on New Mexico State every Saturday? Answer? HELL YES I DO because Mark May and others like him are PAID to follow college football. IT’S ALL THEY DO DURING THE SEASON. Hell, I barely glance at box scores, and even I could have told you that UConn was going to win that game. I can name one player on their team, and I could have told you BYU was going to give Oklahoma fits. I could have told you that Texas Tech was going to run with Texas in Austin. (OK, scratch that one.)

The point is…if you want to make sense out of the college game…stop listening to the “pros” and simply open your freaking eyes. Just because it’s somebody’s job to know about this stuff, doesn’t mean they’re motivated enough to do so. Do you hear me Mike’L Severe?

* Kansas football player rumbling with Kansas basketball players on campus? Are you serious? What is this, Wakarusa side story? Which side was the jets? And at what point do these idiots realize they’re on the same team? I’m sure there’s enough testosterone flowing through today’s 18-22 year old, that they don’t need an old 37 year old foggy like me to tell them to knock it off. But holy shit people…rumbling with your own school’s players...ON campus? Hell, at least that kid from Oregon cracked an opposing player. I can kind of get that. (Although it will be great fun to see Lew Perkin’s squirm under the pressure.) What an absolute train wreck. Stupid Beakers.

* Doesn’t the Big 10 season end in like 3 weeks? Has anybody made them play a championship game yet? Or are they still on their high and mighty Rose Bowl trip? God I hate the big 10.

Power Poll Time


1) Kansas (3-0) vs. Southern Mississippi:
Unless AD Lew Perkins’ nuclear spin job falls short, it’s safe to say the Beakers may be a bit distracted this week. Southern Miss traditionally isn’t a bad team, but don’t let their 3-0 record fool you. They’ve squeaked by Central Florida and a horrible Virginia team at home, while crushing a pitiful Alcorn State team. If THIS is your toughest non-conference foe, you’ve got issues. The fat man rumbles on into league play.

2) Missouri (3-0) at. Nevada
Mizzou did what they had to do against a Furman team that had held tight with BCS schools before. Now Blaine Gabbert and company face a reeling Nevada team which is already starting to deal with fan boycotts and coaching changes. If the Tigers can get up early, it will be lights out. But if the pack hangs tough…it could be a scary night for Mizzou. Don’t see it happening though.

3) Iowa State (2-1) vs. Army
How can I demote a team after winning their first road game in 900 years? OK, Kent State isn’t USC, but the MAC has been nasty enough to warrant a raised eyebrow or two. I’ve heard Husker fan bitch about Iowa’s “tough game” being Iowa vs. Nebraska’s tough game “Va Tech”. Iowa would kill Va Tech straight up right now. Yeah, I said it. Tyrod Taylor is horrible.

4) Nebraska (2-1) vs. Louisiana Lafayette
The sting of pissing away a sure win against a wretched Virginia Tech team will wear off the second the Hick fans gather to celebrate having no life at all every fall since 1962. No way do you move up with quarterback play as pathetic at that…I don’t care how many Roy Helu runs you have. Zero touchdowns though…hmmm..miss Quintin Castille yet? Only the Hicks can get this excited over making boring uniforms even more boring. (Wait til you see these)

5) Colorado (1-2) at West Virginia:
Props to the Buffs for stepping up in a big way against Wyoming. Now go play a West Virginia team in one of the most hostile environments in the country on a Thursday night when the locals are out of their minds on moonshine and chicory. This isn’t your older Brothers’ WVU team…but a tough task to say the least. Good luck my brothers.

6) Kansas State (1-2) vs. Tennessee Tech
FINALLY, a game Bill Snyder can live with. Tenn Tech scored 7 points against Eastern Kentucky last week. If ever there was a week to let your guard down..this would be it. A giant matchup with Iowa State in Kansas City looms 7 days later.


1) Texas (3-0) vs. UTEP
The Longhorn Murderer’s Row of non-conference opponents continues against one of the worst teams in Division 1. UT looked alarmingly sleepy against a scrappy Tech team on Saturday night. Surely Colt McCoy and company are better than they looked right? You would think.

2) Oklahoma (2-1) vs. Idle
The Sooners get the week off to get healthy and prepare for everybody’s new media darling..the Miami Hurricanes. Something tells me Bob Stoops and company are going to be pretty pissed off by the time they hit south beach. Maybe I’ll change my mind..but too many people are discounting OU. They’ve gotten their shitty game out of the way while others have not.

3) Oklahoma State (2-1) vs. Grambling
The Pokes looked mediocre on defense last week, now having given up 59 points in their last two games. After holding Georgia down tight for the second half, the OSU secondary is getting torched to the tune of 108th in the country against the pass. Grambling offers a nice warm up to a huge matchup in Aggieville on October 10th.

4) Texas Tech (2-1) at Houston
Still really impressed by the Raiders and their showing in Austin. I don’t think people realize how difficult it is to play well there..especially considering a lot of those kids played against each other in high school. Having never been a Graham Harrell fan, I was extremely impressed by Taylor Potts. Sure he looks like a 40 year old Nascar driver, but dude can hang in the pocket like a champ. Houston will offer more proof if he’s the real deal or not.

5) Texas A&M (2-0) vs. UAB
Rising….slowly from the preverbial ashes, A&M climbs out of the bottom spot with a win Utah State. OK, Utah State and New Mexico are no big deal…and yeah, they nearly pissed away the game last weekend. But Jerrod Johnson is putting up ridiculous numbers, even after two games. The game at JerryWorld in Dallas will be the Aggie’s measuring stick. UAB gave up 33 points to SMU. Case closed as A&M moves quietly to 3-0.

6) Baylor (1-1) vs. Northwestern State
I’m sorry Baylor…I wanted to believe you..and I still think you can make a bowl. But losing to UConn was a HUGE setback in confidence if anything. Robert Griffin was completely bottled up and rendered powerless by a pesky Husky defense that is pretty damn good. Either way, the Bears still have good shots against lower level teams like A&M and Nebraska…but definitely not ready for prime time..which is a shame. I was rooting for them to prove me wrong.
Hate Week Cometh


  1. Both NU and MU should take care of business this week to set up Game 1 in the round robin tournament to decide the B12N.

    Are you heading down to Columbia for the game? I know how difficult the call of jug bands, moonshine, and your hot cousin Linda is to resist. Having traveled down there, I understand why a Missouri fan would chose to live here.

    FWIW, so far you have the W/L record correctly picked, but I think you under estimated the defense.....81 yard bombs notwithstanding.

    I think in 2 weeks we see a much more even contest than the past two. Mizzou's defense is pretty suspect, IMO, and I will be interested to see how Gabbert responds to the Thursday night, nationally televised atmosphere. If he does not have a good night, I think Mizzou struggles to run against us. I can see something like 27-20....NU.

    As always, I hate you...and your trailer kin folk.




  2. God I hated REO Speedwagon. Hate them even more now.

  3. Good lord ... I love it when a Nebraskan plays the "hick" card on Missouri. Really original.

    Ever take a close look at your mascot, dumbass?

    You had Larry the Cable Guy do your team introduction on a nationally televised game for Christ sake!!

    Come up with better material, or please stop posting.

  4. Last time I seen QB play like Zac Lee last week was B. Gabbert's first half vs.the almighty Bowling home.

    A mizzou fan giving CU props for stepping up against Wyoming reminds me of the old days when you both sucked. Atleast they have their two losses out of the way, 10-2 looks to be a pretty accurate prediction by the hawk. How do you really go three seasons without recruiting a better QB than your son. Frank Solich could't recruit QB's either, but atleast his one gimmie qb recruit(crouch) was a stud.

    Iowa wouldn't touch VTech...just ridiculous. We out played them and they won by a point. Alabama dominated them and only won by 10. They've been playing this way for 15 years. Why is everyone shocked they continue to win with special teams and defense? Watch them do the same thing to Miami this weekend.

    I comepletely agree about OU in Miami next week.

    Internet Tough Guy