September 20, 2009

Not So Instant Analysis - Week 3

News and notes from a great Saturday on the couch:

- First and foremost, Texas Tech proved me dead wrong. Taylor Potts looked better than any of his predecessors and Tech showed a killer instinct I haven’t seen since the 2008 Gator Bowl. Mike Leach still has some work to do, shoring up his players’ effort on a weekly basis, but going into that hostile of an environment, and going toe to toe with what I feel is the #1 team in the country…requires some major props from me.

- Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Okie State all crushed teams they should have. Ho hum.

- I told you long ago that Baylor was improved, but not NEARLY ready to take that next step. UConn is no pushover, and they’re certainly battle tested enough to go into a calm meadow like Waco and beat a one dimensional Baylor team. Robert Griffin threw for 119yds and ran for only 20, as UConn’s plan of attack on defense worked perfectly. The Bears will get a few surprise wins along the way, but they are certainly not at a point where you can put them at 8 wins or so like some idiot prognosticators had them. They simply had to come from too deep of a hole to be this good this fast.

- Saw most of the KSU team, and they seem pretty much like I thought. They’ve got some pretty good athletes on defense and that Thomas kid impressed me somewhat at running back. But if old man Snyder is going to run Carson Coffman 20 times a game, they’re going to have issues. They may not be as bad as previous years, and Snyder seems to be doing what he can with what he’s been dealt; But until they get some better skill guys, they’re going to continue to struggle putting teams away. Either way, props to them for playing UCLA on the road. With the new old sheriff in town, look for that to be the last big-time road game for the Cats in quite some time.

- All afternoon, I was thinking Texas A&M might prove me wrong, and they did a decent job of that. (Who has the #1 ranked offense in America right now? Look it up). Apparently the yokels who attacked me this summer about Jerrod Johnson knew what they were talking about. 21-41 for 322 and 4TD’s is pretty impressive, if even against Utah State. Seems like the Ags are going to have to shore up the defense a bit before they can get back to where they need to be. 520 yards given up to Utah State at home is pretty much unacceptable no matter who you are.

- Happy for my Colorado friends, as Dan Hawkins holds off the wolves for at least a week. Wyoming is no juggernaut, but shutting out anybody these days is pretty impressive. Lots of work to do with a tough West Virginia team on the road in 2 weeks (Who looked pretty good against Auburn on the road). Better make that one count though, because Texas in Austin looms the following week.

- DESPITE the scoffs by some Kool Aid addicts, big props to Iowa State for their first road win in 80 years. MAC teams have been knocking people off left and right (Did you catch Northern Illinois yesterday?), and ISU ran all night on them. (Alexander Robinson 143 yards helped.) The Clones still have a ways to go, but a road win over anybody is a good place to start.

- Which leads us to my favorite game of the day. First of all, I have always said I will give props where props are due. Roy Helu is a very nice back. He’s shifty, he runs hard and he has the ability to make people miss. He is definitely one of the better weapons in the North. Pierre Allen and Nadlahdafkiog Suh are gigantic, and can move enough to fall on top of runners and clog lanes. (If throwing your arms up was a skill, Suh would be getting all sorts of hype. Oh wait….)

But despite that..let’s look at some other things shall we?

All year long, we’ve heard about how great Va Tech was…what a great measuring stick it would be. ESPN’s infatuation with Tyrod Taylor caused many of you to fall into the trap of thinking these were the Michael Vick days of old. Uhhh…no. The Hokies might be the worst offensive football team I’ve ever seen in my life. Without Darren Evans, that team is not one-dimensional, they’re none definitional. Taylor’s passing skill rival those of a powder puff league, and the play calling ability of Frank Beamer’s staff rivals that of the French Army National Guard on Maneuvers.

Va Tech ranks 107th in the nation in rushing defense and a stellar 106th in passing. They've had 3 whole sacks all season and gave up 117 yards to some guy from Marshall.

Zach Lee might be the least impressive Nebraska I’ve seen since Gerry Gdowski. (Which includes Jamal Lord, which is really scary). He hands the ball off as nicely as anybody, and can move up in the pocket, but his accuracy is horrible and decision making skills are brutal. The Huskers have ZERO options at wide receiver, unless you count Niles Paul, who seems to be more interested in looking good for the cameras after a long punt return than he is running routes.

I could go on and on about the predictable Bo Pelini temper tantrums (throwing a headset into a kid’s chest? Nice), or the never-before-seen 1st and goal into a punt strategy that was as dumbfounding as it was funny.

Nebraska has made a habit of losing games they used to win. This is not a moral victory. This is not some sort of “building experience”. It’s a pattern. This is what bad and overrated teams do when they find themselves in tough spots. This is what I was talking about when I claimed the Huskers would never be the same again, if for this very reason. Nebraska will not win the north, and there will be more “moral victories” to come. But sooner or later, people are going to figure out how to key on Roy Helu, and all this “Return to glory” bullshit will end.

Pity clap for you Nebraska fans.

You gave a great effort out there. Maybe next time.


  1. Was really starting to worry about the ranked team streak but the Blackshirts came up huge in the clutch and managed to keep it intact.

    Same old, same old U$C. But to Washington? Someone had better tighten up out there or some "housing allowances" are going to get cut back.

  2. Powder Puff QB>Neb.

  3. Tyrod 2 Nebraska 0

  4. Nebraska is the best team in the North right now. Mizzou and KU have played no one of difficulty. Va Tech's defense will be the best that NU sees, and Lee will only improve from playing in that environment.

    "Habit of losing games they used to win"? Maybe, but not with this coaching staff. Maybe Texas Tech last year but didn't you say last year that Tech was just messing with Nebraska, practicing it's running game? Other than that game this coaching staff has pretty much beat the teams it was supposed to.

    This is an improved Husker team over last year. Look for them to continue to improve as the season goes.

  5. one can hate on other teams that is fine, But Zac has the best arm of any recent Husker QBs. Like you said, Blacksburg, 3rd game of year, new QB will not be easy. Once again you were dead on. If everything is predicted you're bound to be correct once in awhile. But for the most part you haven't been close this year... .Keep up the good work.

  6. "I’m not sure if some folks around here notice this…but Virginia Tech is pretty good in Blacksburg. (3 losses at home in 4 years)."

    Prediction was pretty close... 51-10

  7. How was I supposed to know how crappy Tyrod Taylor was?

    I missed the NU score by 5 points. All you needed was one less field goal. (Which you're very good at by the way)

  8. Obviously I'm doing an awful job of that huh? Point's not even fun anymore. It's not a challenge, and it's not any fun.

    Your team loses games because they're mediocre now. There is no tomorrow. There is no building toward the future. This is the best you'll ever be again. My work is done. There's nothing more for me to do..other than just laugh at your idiotic irony...calling me an idiot, yet reading my work over and over and over again.


  9. "My work is done" good job coach. Did you make Nebraska 'Mediocre' or Missouri a contender. Just asking

  10. 1 million people hate your guts more now than they did 5 years ago.

    You're welcome.

  11. 1)If it's not fun then don't do it anymore. I mean it's not like there aren't more blogs out there.

    2) Who's calling you an idiot?

    3) My reading comprehension is better than those in Missouri, I just have to read something once, not over, and over, and over...

    4) 1 Million? Prove it.

    5) People hate what they cannot understand. It's jealousy. They want to follow a team as awesome as Nebraska, be as good of fans as Nebraska's fan, but they know it can never be, hence the bitterness and hate.

    6) Nebraska will rise again. Join us AJ, give in to the Red-Side. You know how awesome it would be.

  12. Very true AJ. Who knew 5 years ago that the nubbies rivaled ku for hypocrisy other than you? Those 'greatest fans' who now write on message boards that they literally want one of their players to "break the neck" of our QB.

    The one point I would disagree with is that Lee (to me) appears to be better than JC Keller - or at least his throwing motion is better. That he has no WR's to throw to - does Nebraska intentionally recruit slow? - is an issue that will become apparent even to these myopic cornheads.

  13. Actually, I've said it for a long time...Nebraska being good makes it easy to write...very easy. Do you know how hard it was blasting the Huskers into submission when they were getting 30-runned by Texas A&M at home? "Husker suck!" "Yeah, we know".

    Everybody thinks that if Nebraska gets good or even "better", I'm going to go into the red-induced shock. not the case. I grew up fighting off a MUCH more powerful Husker program. It's not like I've never been down that road before.

    Oh, and you'd be very shocked how many hits the old blog used to get. Seriously. (This one does OK..but as you can probably guess...not nearly as many because it doesn't shake up the hornets as much.