October 1, 2009

Wait Week Continues

Man, this is way tougher than I thought it would be.

I remember hate weeks of old, where I sat back and traded barbs with Husker fans on an almost hourly basis. I’d slam them on being a sham, they’d ask me how many titles my team has won…it was always great fun. But for some reason..this year is different. This year just feels….different. All week, I’ve tried to put my finger on it..and I think I’ve figured it out.

Just as I predicted last year, taunting Husker fans just isn’t fun anymore. Not that I don’t expect at LEAST a somewhat competitive game (you would think)…the whole Husker mystique has been smashed to pieces so hard, that there is no possible way of putting it back together again. Even if the Hicks were able to put a 20 point thrashing down on Mizzou, are they in control of the north? (No, KU still in the drivers seat there). What would their record in Columbia be this decade? (A losing one.) The point is, the Husker hating movement was less about the games, and more about de-railing a myth. Even if…and this is a BIG BIG stretch here..even IF the Satan's lean against Tom Osborne’s soul runs out, and the Huskers DO return to glory…will it be the same?

Would the same intimidation factor be involved? Would opposing teams cower at just how the hell they are going to stop option plays going for 9 yards a rush? Are opposing teams going to try and break some decade (or longer) losing streak that has riddled their press conferences with questions like, “How big would it be to FINALLY win in Lincoln?”. Is the world suddenly going to start spinning backward, and shift directly back to 1994? Absolutely not.

What is so sad, is watching people try and wish for all these things to happen, even though there is absolutely no hope. No matter how hard I yell, I just can't keep them from walking toward that cliff. Yes, the mystique died a long and painful death earlier this decade, and there is no possible way to bring it back. Even if the decayed bones of Bob Devaney rose from the earth wearing a red felt ballcap carrying a clipboard, people will NEVER fear Nebraska the same way again.

Don't get me wrong; I understand why being the hunted isn’t nearly as much fun as doing the hunting. I mean, people this week have sent me e-mails, claiming the Huskers dominance over their 3 overmatched opponents this year, yet when you explain to them that they were 3 Sun Belt teams and all of them combined had only one win (over KSU for God’s sake)…does that phase them? When the same people brag about such an EPIC performance in the snake pit that is southwest Virginia against Tech, you would think they would flinch when you remind them that not only did they choke in a way no college football team has matched so far this year…but they failed to score a touchdown while doing so. When they brag about their rushing offense, and you explain to them that they are currently NINTH in the CONFERENCE in rushing (again..against Sun Belt teams)…does it stop their yapping? Of course not.
It will never stop.

I stopped blogging about the Nebraska Cornhuskers, because there is nothing left to talk about…EVERYTHING has been done. In the last five years, EVERY Big 12 team but Baylor has beaten Nebraska. Coincidence? Does anybody dedicate a blog to hating Louisiana Tech? How about San Jose State? Of course not..but then again, San Jose State and La Tech have at least beaten a top 20 team since the early days of Bush’s first term.

Hate week will always be around, because the people that populate Nebraska will never learn. Because of this, we will ALWAYS go round and round with the same old song and dance, talking about the same bowl games and the same “history”…only with one year of history tacked on each time. It’s a lot like watching a really good movie 3 or 4 times…then after a while, you kind of lose interest. Sure it’s a good movie…maybe even a GREAT movie....but when you've seen it so many times, there really is no reason to watch it again.

“Keller will tear your boys up”
“Joe Ganz has a rocket arm”
“Marlon Lucky will kill your D line”

And so it goes.

Anyhow..a couple of other news and notes:

* Hoping to have a Q and A session with some of the guys at Corn Nation. Now, I’ve done some “interviews” with Husker blogs before..and as I’ve stated many times…they’re all pretty good guys; But let’s just say I don’t think we see eye to eye on the upcoming game next week. (Or pretty much anything for that matter.) Hopefully I’ll get those back and up shortly.

* Don’t forget to follow the Husker Hater Twitter page (www.twitter.com/huskerh8er) if you’re into such things. From there, you’ll get live updates and photos from our trip to Columbia next week as well as celebrity guests and maybe more (If I feel like it). I don’t have the energy or material to write a Husker hating blog these days, but 160 characters is just about all the attention the hicks deserve these days...so that's what they get.

* Finally..just a reminder…I absolutely love my comments page…it’s one of the best parts of running a team-hatred themed blog..or in this case..just …a hate in general blog I guess. But anyway, I understand that angry e-mails and threats etc are going to come in…and that’s fine. If you get all bent of shape over words I say..then that’s really your problem. I’m pretty content knowing I know where the line is between running smack about football…and being a first class prick. But no matter what, I will never publish comments with N bombs, anti-semetic remarks and the like. They used to come in every once in a great while on the old blog, but it’s been pretty frequent here this week for some reason. I know you’re classy and all, but knock it off. Nobody else is gonna see it.
Hate week rolls on...slowly


  1. How many games have Missouri's opponents won? Not counting FCS/1-AA opponents: One as well. Troy.

  2. AJ:

    I just realized....

    Mizery Fans (Circa 2009) = KSU Fans (Circa Since Snyder started winning more than non-conference games)

    Seriously. You both are douchebags who think NU should fear you because you won a handful of games against us. Sorry to tell you this, Nebraska ain't worried about Missou or going to Columbia. It might be loud for all of a series or two. Then, when NU is up 14-0 and you realize the dream is over, its gonna get real quiet.

    You drunken meth heads will be out in the parking lot by halftime and soon on your way to Stuckey's, Cracker Barrel, or the Casinos...and, as it once was...your fucking shitbox stadium will be rocking to the sounds of:



    See ya next Thursday,


  3. Did you cut and paste that from 2007 too?

    PS - Mike, the point is that you and others use schedule transitive smack all the time. It's dumb. What is fact is that NU is 3-1 and Mizzou is 4-0. How good either team is is up for you to decide.

  4. The game will be fun but the husker reaction afterwards will be even better win or lose. If they lose, half will rummage for some kind of moral victory (Mizzou plays dirty...did you see how late that damn Pig Brown laid out Purify?) and the other half will be demanding someone's ass get fired.

    If they win, they are going to prove AJ right on how far their program has fallen. Tell me that in 1994 nu fans could ever have imagined they'd be riding an 8 year losing streak vs. Mizzou in Columbia. Win and you'll see jubliant, retarded inbread hicks bounding back to their pickup trucks gayer than Richard Simmons. They will, however, completely miss the fact that they are stoked for beating a program they once felt was so inferior they had no choice but to clap for anytime they scored a touchdown.

    I think Bobo has more to lose than anyone though. Getting skull-fucked at home in one of the worst home losses in the past few decades apparently is quickly forgotten if you make a miracle 99 yard field goal to win a game at home and narrowly escape watching the bowl season from the barron wastelands of nebraska. When Pinkel and Ron Zook have all summer to gameplan against one another, good things happen for Mizzou. When Pinkel and Pelini have two weeks to gameplan against each other, one chomps gum like a retarded chimp while the other masterminds another crowd-pleasing beatdown.

  5. Missouri's records in the 90's

    4-7, 3-7-1, 3-8, 3-7-1, 3-8-1, 3-8, 5-6, 7-5, 8-4, 4-7

    NU MU results in the 90's

    69-21, 63-6, 34-24, 49-7, 42-7, 57-0, 51-7, 45-38, 20-13, 40-10 (All Big Red Victories)

    Yea we felt sorry for ya and frankly just got tired of beating your ass's into the ground so we hired Callahan to give you all a chance.

    Your time is over - no excuses - just a solid victory!

  6. Missouri was bad at football in the 90's?


  7. AJ,

    Just a little perspective on the NU- MU series over the years.



    Series history (63-36-3)
    NU MU
    1892* 1 0 (--)
    1893** 18 30 (--)
    1894** 14 18 (--)
    1895* 12 10 (--)
    1896 8 4 (A)
    1897 41 0 (H)
    1898 47 6 (A)
    1899 0 11 (H)
    1900 12 0 (A)
    1901* 51 0 (--)
    1902# 12 0 (--)
    1911 34 0 (H)
    1912 7 0 (A)
    1917 52 0 (H)
    1919 12 5 (A)
    1922 48 0 (H)
    1923 7 7 (A)
    1924 14 6 (H)
    1925 6 9 (A)
    1926 7 14 (H)
    1927 6 7 (A)
    1928 24 0 (H)
    1929 7 7 (A)
    1930 0 0 (H)
    1931 10 7 (A)
    1932 21 6 (H)
    1933 26 0 (A)
    1934 13 6 (H)
    NU MU
    1935 19 6 (A)
    1936 20 0 (H)
    1937 7 0 (A)
    1938 10 13 (H)
    1939 13 27 (A)
    1940 20 7 (H)
    1941 0 6 (A)
    1942 6 26 (H)
    1943 20 54 (A)
    1944 24 20 (H)
    1945 0 19 (A)
    1946 20 21 (H)
    1947 6 47 (A)
    1948 6 33 (H)
    1949 20 21 (A)
    1950 40 34 (H)
    1951 19 35 (A)
    1952 6 10 (H)
    1953 7 23 (A)
    1954 25 19 (H)
    1955 18 12 (A)
    1956 15 14 (H)
    1957 13 14 (A)
    1958 0 31 (H)
    1959 0 9 (A)
    1960 0 28 (H)
    1961 0 10 (A)
    1962 7 16 (H)
    NU MU
    1963 13 12 (A)
    1964 9 0 (H)
    1965 16 14 (A)
    1966 35 0 (H)
    1967 7 10 (A)
    1968 14 16 (H)
    1969 7 17 (A)
    1970 21 7 (H)
    1971 36 0 (A)
    1972 62 0 (H)
    1973 12 13 (A)
    1974 10 21 (H)
    1975 30 7 (A)
    1976 24 34 (H)
    1977 21 10 (A)
    1978 31 35 (H)
    1979 23 20 (A)
    1980 38 16 (H)
    1981 6 0 (A)
    1982 23 19 (H)
    1983 34 13 (A)
    1984 33 23 (H)
    1985 28 20 (A)
    1986 48 17 (H)
    1987 42 7 (A)
    1988 26 18 (H)
    1989 50 7 (A)
    1990 69 21 (H)
    NU MU
    1991 63 6 (H)
    1992 34 24 (A)
    1993 49 7 (H)
    1994 42 7 (A)
    1995 57 0 (H)
    1996 51 7 (H)
    1997## 45 38 (A)
    1998 20 13 (H)
    1999 40 10 (A)
    2000 42 24 (H)
    2001 36 3 (A)
    2002 24 13 (H)
    2003 24 41 (A)
    2004 24 3 (H)
    2005 24 41 (A)
    2006 34 20 (H)
    2007 6 41 (A)
    2008 17 52 (H)
    2,262 1,424

    For those that are to lazy to count the MU wins it goes like this

    MU wins = 36
    MU ties = 3
    NU wins = 63

    Numbers do not lie, MU has had some nice seasons from time to time, and the Huskers have had some down times over the years, but lets face facts here, the Huskers down years are far fewer than MU's up years.

    As always,
    You Can Eat a Mile of My Corn Ridden ......

  8. HOLD ON. You're saying that Missouri has not always had a decent team? I had NO idea. I think this is the first time a Husker fan has pointed out our comparative records. Thank you so much. I bow at your tradition.

  9. This blog kicks ass. I'm a huge husker fan, but I read this more than our fan blogs. It's refreshing. Good stuff AJ